More School Dreams

Date: 8/27/2017

By nicolesal

Again dreaming about my time teaching school. Was almost like a student in the start, sitting runs a table and realized that all the others there were sporty and I was missing my performing types. Trying to get a singing group together but gave up. Then dreams of Lynne P, can't remember her role though and a group of principal coming to look at my work and only wanting to see my work program which wasn't even mine, it was from the previous teacher. Felt like I wasnt good enough. Then I ended up in the mental hospital and not working. Dad said something like "this has gone on long enough we need to find a solution" but I knew there wasn't a solution there. But psychuatrist seemed really caring and sat down at the end of my bed and seemed to care what I had to say. There was a whole scene with Finley which actually makes sense and more about the production and having abandoned that.