Not good at the high school

Date: 4/30/2019

By LucidPineapple

I was in the back of a building at Mosley. The other teacher saw something a little strange in the hallway. I saw how unsure she looked. I put my books down and hightail it to the closest other teacher outside and told them. With the threat of shooters, anything suspicious gets reported. I told them but they told me just to come wait outside. I hid inside a two-roomed office with both doors locked. Under the door, I see some shadows move. He’s right there. I sit on the floor watching his feet underneath the gap. Eventually they move. A few minutes later I open one of my locked doors and peek down the hallway. I don’t see anything or anyone. I book it outside and run straight for my car. This takes place back in my hometown. I get in my car and pull out of the parking lot. I hear shots coming from the bus ramp as students are being shot in their own cars while trying to flee. I take a few wrong turns heading to my parent’s and end up pretty far from their home. Instead, I found my townhouse in the boonies and locked both of my doors and his upstairs.