My Critic is in Love With Me

Date: 9/3/2019

By leathecage

I was at work at my new job, which was now in a building that was just a large treehouse, and a coworker who didn't exist irl was listening to Spotify on her phone. I saw the album artwork of the song she was listening to looked like a caricature of myself, and I gasped. "I made that song?" I pointed at her phone. She did a double take and said "Oh really? It's my first time hearing it, I'm really enjoying it!" "Thank you!" I was honored to finally see someone listening to my music— despite me never making songs in the waking world. In the tree house building's kitchen there was a raised platform with a news type desk on it. There were two men sitting behind it with headphones on while recording with a microphone. One of the men, Jason, pointed at me. "You were the one who made that song?" he looked amused. "I sure did!" I was very confident with myself. "Well, I've heard better!" he laughed. We went on bickering back and forth for a bit, and the treehouse suddenly changed into my old middle school library. It seemed like time had past, and I ran into that Jason guy again. The library was packed with people, all there to see me preform. There was a small stage, like a comedy club, and Kermit the Frog was hosting. He called up and I pushed Jason aside. I did some sort of acrobatic performance and everyone cheered, meanwhile Jason was awstruck. He ran up to me and apologized for the harsh things he said to me, he then asked if I wanted to play Minecraft with him. I was now in a VR game of Minecraft with Jason, and we were being attacked by a giant seahorse in this water dungeon. I kept telling him that the difficulty was too hard, but we couldn't leave until we reached the exit door. We then found ourselves in the Fire Nation and there were armored guards everywhere. We struggled even more, and we quit the game. Jason and I were then at a party, and we were dating now. All his friends came up to us and thought that he disliked me, but he said that I was cute and funny.