weird dream

Date: 5/6/2017

By TheDemonKing666

well i was running from someone, and i had some kind of power my hands would burst into flames and then the rest of my body, then i hid in someones house for a while til they left. Then i had a different part of a dream, I was stuck in a house i had two babies, i had an argument with the farther of the babies and he said leave if you want to, so i took the two babies and left but i didn't get far because there was a were wolf who didn't want me to leave, i was a were wolf too but the father of the babies was a were lion. Then i had a different part of a dream, i went back to a camp i went to with Air Cadets, some people who were at the real camp i went to were there, then we had our rooms sorted, lunch sorted, and for some reason i had de ja vu in a dream ( weird).