Yet another water dream

Date: 5/16/2019

By gazal

It's all in bits and pieces I am newly married to this guy (young Sunny Deol) and he is taking me to places where I have hid some secret (?) at one point we are in Kerala and I see this open boat full of people starts and just goes underwater with people not wearing any protective gear over their heads and I remember feeling suffocated. I am standing on a platform with is just a few feet big and is submerged in water up to my ankles. There are two girls with me too. I tell them how I would never be on that boat and also point out how my husband is taking me to exact same place where I have buried my secrets. After a while, I send a page to my mum. This bit of the sequence I seeing from my husband's POV He tried to get physically close to me and hold hands and something... I rebuff him. Then I think to myself if I behave like this his suspicion will grow further and I tease him a little and flirt back and he chases me playfully. I tell him about some mark or tattoo on body and he says he wants to explore it himself. Clearly remember this line and we are in a children's playground. I find myself in a class... Where not only are they teaching us school subjects but also physical exercise. Everyone is sitting on the floor and jotting notes... At one point I am not but once I realize everyone else is I start too and almost immediately catch up. The physical activity is strange... It's a huge hall and I have a glass ball which is Matt finished Then I am on a slope with people walking towards the said gym and I comment how weird is it that everyone is wearing jackets when it's summer and close to 40° My sister says all of them are comfortable and it's helps them from getting tanned. But I don't want to wear the jacket I feel hot and suffocated with the thought of it