Magic Silver Prophecy

Date: 5/10/2017

By LionFoot65

I am seeing this silver ball object that changes it's symmetrical patterns simultaneously when I twist it in certain ways, pretty cool. I am at this dirty creek that has a place for showering nearby and as I'm figuring out how to get down this squishy pole, people start arriving while I'm still naked. I manage to put some crazy childish underwear with dinosaurs or something on them and I ask this red head girl if she likes my underwear and she laughs and I laugh with her. Then I leave and I manage to get to school on time. There are "sorcerer" there who are all secretly fighting each other while pretending to be friends. I become friends with the one who wants to be the leader for an important purpose of saving people while there are these really beautiful women sorcerers who are actively trying to destroy his reputation. The blonde one gets drunk or something,gets naked, and asks me to start fingering her and I do because she is hot af lol. After about 30 minutes of that I decide to help the guy who wants to help the world but I can't find him. Shit. Next Scene Im in this war zone and Im killing people because Im a warrior and because I can't let my team down or they'll die. It felt kinda like COD so it was cool i guess even tho I would never go to war.