The world full of memories 🌎✨💫🌟⭐️

Date: 5/4/2017

By madnewman13😼

My dream was basically about myself being in this world with many memories. There were people I hated that were once in my class, places like for some resin my neighbor's pond. People I loved were in it too, like friends and family. There was a forest, and a river with a boat. So, I got on it and rode down the river. My crush somehow ended up on it with I and I was like, "oh hay!" So we floated down it together. We passed some more of my memories, like the time I went to Florida a few weeks ago. I saw myself as a child, taking my first few steps. These made me feel a little sentimental, and a cried tears of joy a little. I could even hear my giggles from when I was little, along with my parent's voices, too. So that was m dream. Being in a world where I saw parts of my life and people I've known and hated, and loved. ☄