Alec Hardy (Broadchurch)

Date: 1/31/2017

By ziggy

In this dream, I was Alec Hardy's daughter (from Broadchurch) and I was following him around his work which was at some generic office building. Everyone there was sort of pissing him off and when we got into our car to go home, we suddenly both started having heart attacks. We somehow yelled for someone to drive us to a hospital, and after a few minutes of this stranger speeding down the road, he disappeared and Alec was driving (continuity error in my brain, haha). Anyways, somehow still alive and functioning, we ended up getting lost in some woods and we went into this enchanted-like pool with beautiful trees and flowers, and these three gorgeous girls/fairy-people were curious by us. We told them what was going on and they were like, "Oh! We can fix that!" but they didn't seem like they had a first grade education and they couldn't even tell us what a heart attack was so we got out of there. I don't remember actually getting to the hospital, but when we were there and all fixed up, Alec came to my bed to visit me and he was very caring about the situation (despite also having a heart attack and, well, being Alec). That's pretty much all I remember. I also woke up with the song, "Cardiac Arrest" by Bad Suns stuck in my head... I really hope my body's not telling me something...