Beyond the Pipeline

Date: 7/4/2017

By RinTheMood

There was a workshop or warehouse. I had to sneak in for some reason, but once I was there I was welcome enough. The people inside seemed rather hollow and frightened. Against one wall was a strange pipe. Inside dwelt a creature from another world - or the gate to the world itself, it wasn't clear. But the creature was unfriendly to us, and would rush towards the end of the pipe whenever it opened, which seemed to be random. If the pipe wasn't closed within seconds, the creature would kill whoever it found. The pipe opened, and for some reason I hesitated to close it until the last second. The creature didn't escape, but it somehow brushed my hand. Touching it brought on hallucinations that tiny purple grubs were crawling on me and everything around me. A wolf or big dog that suddenly was mine was also somehow affected. I was told that the hallucinations would fade after several months. I thought for sure I would go mad long before then.