chiki cubs

Date: 11/21/2016

By stefdrms

In an RV Kind of like trailer home. There was food on the counter and I remeber seeing chicken legs that were out all day and thinking that they've gone bad. This diner working lady comes out and says honey they are going to get warm did you want the cutlets ? I said oh yea those and in the dishwasher she had all this good and j saw a big pack of ice cream and I was like ooh I want those lol. Then j went to pick up my son at school and it was my old elementary and I was waiting for him to come out and he wouldn't. I walked to the gym and talked to my old coaches about getting back into it but it was hard for me to start over. I go back for my son and I notice there is a Cubs baseball game there are helicopters and buses there. I see famous people and I et bad new from my son that I'm not keeping up with some of his things and they are meeting with his dad. I go into the school because my boyfriend is from Chicago and I had to take pictures. I take pictures and send them to him and he send me a picture in a woman's pad isle lol.