Tom Sawyer

Date: 2/2/2017

By irina_4

My father and I were carpooling with someone who we usually don't, who also happened to look a lot like Tom Sawyer.. Or a republican whichever you can imagine easier.Anyway I realized early into the trip to school that I had forgotten something from home, so we turned around to go back home. For some reason this mystery boy came into the house with me, don't have any idea why since he doesn't live with us.. After I had grabbed what I needed this boy asked for a banana. I said "yeah sure if we have any". He ate the whole thing in one bite. He then took my mother's best cookbook off the kitchen table, squirted ketchup in it, then poured water on it. I was so enraged I threw the book at him but even though he was a mere 4 feet away the book fell to the floor like a barbell after I threw it. Before I could analyze what had just happened I saw that the boy had already filled our big pasta pot with water. Within seconds he put it on the stove and it boiled instantaneously. I was so confused.. He picked up the big pot of boiling water* without any sort of gloves on and threw the water at me. I just barely doged it even though it scaled the left side of my left arm. I yelled out but when I looked up from my scaled arm I saw the boy had put paper all around and on the stove and lit it. The fire was intense and the house was burning down but what I was most concerned about was my mothers best cooking book getting ruined.