missing dog tsunami!

Date: 4/23/2017

By jevan

had a dream that i was at a party / gathering and i brought my dog and i was laying down on the floor in a pile of puppies. more people came and we swapped dogs around. we were playing party games and for some reason kylie jenner was there. she ended up with strips of paper in her hair and i ended up pulling each strand out which was an intense two minutes... when i finished i said (in a funny voice) "oooooo kylie im so happy to serve youuuu" everyone laughed. turns out we were in a beach hut and we were all outside watching the waves and in the waves were funny videos of people getting taken down by waves. the water rose up really high and we had to get all of our stuff and leave but i couldnt find my dog!! i checked in all the cracks and crevices because it was a very small dog with pointy ears. the water was rising up around the beach hut so i sellotaped all around the hinges of the glass doors as i got trapped. i eventually found my puppy wounded behind a sofa, and by this point only a few of my friends from school had stayed behind and everyone else had ran off the beach for safety. looking out of the window we were completely submerged about 20 feet underwater. luckily one of my friends used to be in the army and rang up one of her friends who came and hooked us out of the sea with their helicopter. in real life i'm actually terrified of dogs and i have never owned one so this was really interesting...