Hugie SleepšŸ˜“

Date: 8/2/2019

By marosh

I was in the sleeping camp and there was a market under the building. I was coming back from the pool and i was don't dress up and with my suit going to street. Suddenly an old woman came to me in a crying state and she said please help me look at there he's my son his drunk. My son uses the drugs every day and buy drugs of a unknown boy. I don't no who is he but I know he work in this Cafe. I was feel he's my uncle and I cried. I was running of unknown boy Cafe and found it and open the door. The Cafe was so little and it has a lot of table and chairs. The for boys was sits on the chairs and talking together. I don't know how but I was finding the unknown boy and I told him: please don't give a drugs of this boy his mother is so sad and she hopes of me. Suddenly the unknown boy hug me and cried. He was hugging me so tight and he said I don't give a drugs for him but he insists on giving him drugs. I said ok but becarful. And hugged him. After the seconds he was making a coffee and said its very delicious drink it i hope you like it and I was smiling of him. When I was drinking stand up and hug him again and I said love you goodbye.