failed milkshake + train tracks + hospital

Date: 2/13/2019

By daisxx

im at a convention centre and my friend is there and now she has a son? and i give him a milkshake and then go and meet my mom but lose her again and i really want a caramel and white chocolate milkshake so i go to the place and im stuck behind a hard plastic divider and at first the worker is really nice to me and then i keep asking for my drink and she starts going on saying im making her uncomfortable by asking her to make my drink like THIS IS UR JOB and finally i get like the tiniest drink ever i have to laugh its like 10ml. and then im leaving and apparently i cant use their lift because i didnt spend enough???? i do so anyway and then im being chased through a train station and im on the tracks and im running and then back on the platform and im jumping over stuff like wow daisy queen of parkour. then i see two people i knew like 7/8 yrs ago and there’s a hospital and we go through and they’re being so loud and i feel awful when i see a sign saying that the ward is for palliative care - end of life care for the elderly and almost start crying. suddenly the ward goes on lockdown and im trying to get back out before the doors lock and i do. then im running back through the train station and back to the milkshake place and im not stuck behind the plastic anymore and i order my caramel and white chocolate milkshake and it takes so long to be done and the man keeps messing up but finally i get it as well as a cookie. i honestly have to wonder how this milkshake place was so full on like two levels when the service was so awful !!!