Date: 6/6/2019

By dians

Visited my old school, that I have went to for almost all my life (K-8) which is a Christian school, and came out to a lot of people there. As I was waiting to get picked up in the parking lot, I got beat up real bad by both teachers and students for liking girls. Went back home and tried to forget about it but my brother tried to tease me for fun but ended up triggering me bc it reminded me of getting beaten. I snapped at him really hard and told him what had happened before. He started to cry bc of the guilt but I forgave him and told him it’s not his fault. I also told my parents why the people at school beat me up (my parents are homophobic in real life too) and they actually accepted me for who I was in my dream. I then woke up from my dream and cried bc I know my parents won’t accept me for who I am if I were to come out to them :/ also got really sad because I still have a hard time accepting my sexuality because growing up, my school and parents taught me that being gay is a sin.