Going to an Ariana Grande Concert

Date: 6/25/2017

By emjaynehill

I got tickets to an Ariana Grande concert and so did my entire family. Once we got there, I asked a security guard if my tickets (which were on my phone) were real, and he said yes. I announced to everyone there that this was my first real concert, and then I started moving around to figure out the best place to sit in so I could see Ariana better (we paid to get in, not for a specific seat). An old school friend, Lewis, was there and we shared sweets together. I asked my dad to also get me the medium-sized bottle of coke that was available on the table and he said no because "I don't need it". Then I woke up; I was hoping I'd sleep long enough to see Ariana come on stage, but i spent the entire time there preparing myself for the concert.