Kicked her in the head

Date: 7/16/2017

By Bito

Marvin was in the hospital for vandalism. We went to go see him. It was me, my brothers, cousins, and mom, we were going through a mall for some reason. At the entrance, I got cut off from everyone. So many people stopped me and wanted to say hey. I lost everyone at the entrance to the mall. When I went in, I couldn't see anyone. Just random people. I walked around for a bit. Couldn't find anyone still. Then I remember sitting on a bridge in the mall above an eating area. I sat on the bridge and let my feet dangle. I noticed a cute girl RIGHT by my foot and she noticed my foot but for some reason I didn't bother being courteous and moving my feet away. Man I was was swinging them too. I remember hitting her and thibkinh wtf am I doing fam. I get up and leave her sight. It was so awkward.