Jack Skellington

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

Me, Anna, and Will were all at my house hiding behind a big thing with a hole in it in my kitchen. We were watching through the hole towards my front door at the bottom of the steps because we knew this monster thing was trying to come in. Nathan Brom and someone else answered the door and the thing came in. He looked like Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but his face was brown colored and looked more like a potato sack than bone. He took Nathan and the other. They just vanished. Anna was the only one looking through the hole when she told us that he looked at her and she giggled. I remember thinking that she was crazy. We just ran and hid in another room that looked like mine. I think Dylan Morris was in there then. We all talked about what we should do to get away. Will handed me a piece of tape he said he'd written something on for me to see. I cannot remember what it said. After that I had these sort of visions of people doing crazy things to get away like jumping out of windows stories off the ground into a forest. I wondered if it was worth whatever happened to someone if it meant getting away from what scared them. It went back to my house then and Anna and Dylan were gone. Me and Will were running from Jack again. Will got ahead of me and went into a different room that looked like mine too, but when I got in there after him he wasn't in there. I knew that Jack had gotten him too. I just got sad because I thought I was by myself now. I looked at the floor in the room I was in which was made of wood like my porch. There was a big window beside me so I could see the actual porch, and there were wet footprints appearing closer and closer, but when they got to the window they stopped. I expected them to continue coming inside towards me to get me, but they never did. Anna came in suddenly with bags of these wax string things to wrap around our fingers and little colored balls connected with a string to hang on our clothes. She said those things would repel Jack so we would be safe. That's all I remember before I woke up.