this dream is really confusing and really long

Date: 2/28/2017

By Bradleyp1234

So the building I was in most of the time was a hotel. My room was on the top floor, the 4th floor. But every time you looked into a hallway, you see this otter-like creature run by, then disappear out of sight. But the second floor was like the science centres (I went on a school trip there a couple weeks ago). The sides of the second floor were The same, but in the middle, there was this big room with a black carpeted flooring. One side was all cafeteria booth tables like the science centre (minus the booths) where you eat your lunches, and the other side had a railing overlooking the pool (the slide was gone). This took place in late winter because of the snow. Also this weird business room on the first floor was a boring room I spent some time in. Now to the dream. I was in the pool. At the side opposite the door and where the slide was in real life, there was an old, rusty, rotting wood door leading to an dimly lit hallway. The door was open a little, and i saw an otter like creature run by in there. After, I looked down my floors hallway, and saw an otter like creature run by. Me, my sister, and my dad went into the elevator, but so did 2 other people, 1 with a wheelchair. The unusually small elevator was crammed, so I was in the corner on my butt. Me and my sister were kicking the door for some reason, and it broke off. We were now in the second floor, and the other 2 people were just gone. We were at a table, and my mom just appeared. And then, in front of all the people, the otter creature came and ran around. I thought it would fall into off into the pool. And it did. Everyone looked. I was just about to get there, when it popped up, completely dry. I ran back, but I was now wearing undone snowpants. It came to me when i was at my table, and attacked me. Not what you think though. It was just standing there clawing my legs, the snowpants gone. Still scary, but for some reason it didn't hurt. I was now outside. My dad was lying on the snow. Yes, he was alive and not hurt. Above him, was the power liens. Bit this power line was unusually high, and had no lines either. It was this weird rubbery thing with a 4-car train on it.i yelled that it was about to break, and we scampered into the car because we needed to check out of the hotel (even though we were right next to it. I grabbed my iPod on he sidewalk and stuffed it in my bag. We drove off. On a Brampton road, I was flying. I was holding a string though, but the car wasn't there. But I was still moving like I was in one. I grabbed a snowman toy because the staff threw it out of a window, the check out gift (but it was a completely different hotel). My sister got one too. I was now in the car again. I forget the rest, but that was really close to the dreams end