Pain & Magic

Date: 7/23/2019

By LaurenTheFierce

All I can remember is being at “my house”, although it didn’t really look like my house. My father had also volunteered to help take care of my friend Tristan. He got injured irl, and my brain took that information just to give him a boot on his left leg. I don’t even know which one he actually hurt. All I heard was that he hurt his ankle playing basketball. Either way, he was at my house now in a wheel chair. My family gathered around with his to talk with him. For some reason it seemed like he’d done all this to himself on purpose. Idk why my brain would make me think that though. Anyways, we ended up bringing him upstairs so he could watch the tv in our living room. My dad then made me go up every now and then to check on him. I didn’t mind at all. We talked a few times, and he seemed to be alright. However, he wasn’t really the same, maybe a bit depressed... I left him to go to another room up there. Inside was a desk with a strange looking board game. It didn’t actually seem to be a board game though. It was all decorative with stars, planets, the sun, and the moon. There was also angles and demons on it. It had a lock on it too. I had the key on a necklace. Opening up the lock revealed another layer of the strange board game looking piece. A few tarot cards flew out of it and landed nearby. I looked at them, but I didn’t understand them. In a strange moment of utter confusion yet understandment, I left the room. I went back downstairs without uttering a single word to my friend. All I know is that Tristan then at some point, got out of his wheelchair, and hobbled over in his boot to the room I’d just been in. He then whitenessed what I had.