very short very scary

Date: 6/25/2017

By Kazmunnikill

It's a half dream and I know I'm not in deep sleep. Im in the kitchen standing up by the table about to sit down in my usual seat and it's so realistic it feels very real it feels as if my eyes are actually open and the kitchen seems to have every detail. I can even feel my legs walking to the chair and my feet on the floor and it's incredibly realistic and I'm so confused. As I sit down I hear my parents come in through the front door and my dad says something and then my mum says something. What they say is so clear and their voices sound just like them. I can't remember what they say but was jokey and it made sense and I knew I was dreaming and I wondered to myself how did I come up with that believable dialogue for my parent so quickly? It feels so real and then I'm sitting down looking in front of me and I keep thinking oh my gosh this seems so real I could feel and see everything I really felt like I was in my own body sitting down. And then I see one of the white mugs in front of me and decide to test the real ness. At this point I think did I ever actually fall asleep or have I been sitting in the kitchen all this time and I'm really believing this and keep thinking that I have just been in the kitchen because it feels so real. So I pick up the mug and it feels just like real life I can feel the cold ceramic on my fingers and then it hits me even more, I can feel that my eyes are open and blinking and that I am sitting up. And then the weird scary thing happens. I hear all the scary static voices jumbled up together women's and men's voices like I hear in all the other ones. And it just sounds so real like a jumbled up tape of voices and again I'm thinking how does my mind come up with this? And it gradually gets really loud and I get that feeling of extreme terror and fear as the jumbled voice s get really loud like pure intense fear. The scene in front of me holding the mug also becomes so intense focusing on it and my vision around the edge of the scene becomes fuzzy. And then I wake up. I can still feel my heart beating and the fear I felt when I wake up and I wonder how nothing makes me so scared how just a dream makes me so so scared. And this has happened at least four times before where I'm in a dream in a specific scenario where I'm aware or slightly aware that I'm dreaming, the scene in front of me becomes focused and still and intense and I hear the jumbled static voices and experience the extreme fear and wake up. I wonder what it means?