Abducted, taken to mid-east for sex slavery

Date: 3/25/2017

By Brennie369

I woke in a strange house by myself with Paisley. It took me a bit to realize I was in a different country. I was trying to stay away from the windows as I saw mid-eastern men with guns looking in. I knew they'd be in to get me soon, so I started looking around the house for clues as to where I was. I had clothes in the closet on the floor and wondered why they were damp. I then realized there were ALOT of cats sleeping in the closet. A man came in and told me to pack because we were going to the border. I asked what border and why but he wouldn't tell me. I kept asking and realized I was being taken to be a sex slave. I remembered a movie about it and realized this is what's happening to me. I asked why me and he said he Google'd "scape" and found me through my website. I tried to remember the moment I was abducted but couldn't and worried whether Greg would know I was taken or think I just left him. We were in a car at a drive-thru and I tried to scream at the intercom for help. Later we were in a different building and I was fed a gross burger and was with another girl. Then two men appeared to take us somewhere else. One of the men was American. I pleaded with him to help me, said I had a husband at home and mentioned my cat (who was left at the first house because they wouldn't let me take her). He wouldn't help. I thought about Greg and wondered if he'd try to find me or just move on thinking I left him. We arrived at a new place which would apparently be where we'd be trained in the sex stuff. As we walked to this place, I noticed hundreds of cats everywhere and wondered if they all belonged to the other abducted girls. The lady of the house said she read the book I wrote in college, and I realized the men who took us there must've given her info on us that she could use to gain our trust. He must've told her I was smart. So I just said, "I didn't go to college". I thought I could use this to try to escape.