scary boyfriends

Date: 8/11/2017

By sleepy

I had a dream I was hanging out with this girl and her terrible ex boyfriend came into my house. I kept telling him to leave but he wouldn't listen so I went and told my mom how this guy wouldn't leave our house but she just kind of waved me off. Later I found out my mom started a relationship with this guy and I tried to explain to her how he was a bad person and he was manipulating her but she once again just waved me off. Even in my dream I was like "holy shit i didnt think mom would ever not listen to me like this" so I went to my brother and tried to convince him that moms boyfriend was an evil person but he just waved me off too because he was too busy riding around on the evil guys motor bike. I felt so hopeless and everyone seemed so blind to the fact that this guy was like psychotic, and the thing was that my moms boyfriend knew I knew what he was doing and how awful he was. He would come talk to me and laugh at me and try to explain to me how easy it is to manipulate people and I was so angry and scared of him. He would even change faces throughout the dream , and become different people. At the end of the dream I heard my mom scream and I was so scared that her boyfriend had done something to her so I ran into her room and I just see her laughing at me, because she thinks my fear of him is so funny and she knew what was going through my head. It was insane.