Arctic corpse

Date: 6/22/2017

By erikavita6

I was at a lake in AK that had been frozen over then thawed at some point. I could see an antique looking very long cork handled fishing pole floating around beneath the surface. I tried to avoid getting snagged by a hook that I imagined would be attached but there was none. After watching this pole float about for a bit, I grabbed it out of the water. At this point in the dream, the environment changes slightly to include a large moss covered rock jutting out of the water like a small island. On the island I see the remnants of a past fisherman's belongings. Miscellaneous goretex items, a basket etc. then I wade around the small island expecting to find a body and there it is. The previously frozen, now thawed remains of the fisherman. For some reason I touch his eye ball and its squishy. I yell back to someone that I found the body. This entire time, there is a narrator talking about the likely outcome of freezing to death on extreme fishing expeditions.