Dream World Exploration

Date: 6/4/2019

By kailano

This is my third dream journey entry. I often can not remember my dreams unless I take long sleep periods. I would like to describe this dream cycle to the best of my ability. There’s not much plot, just descriptions of people and settings. So this world was very much different, it was expansive, I saw many different places and people. One I’d like to touch was this beautiful ocean side town by the mountains. It was misty, with a blue tiny, white worn wood on the houses. Trees nearby and mountains hanging above in the background. A dirty muddy road. This sounds like a place that can exist but there are some fantasy elements to it. You hear the announcer saying go to a certain peer, and to go there and you see a house floating away down a flooding river, with oars coming out the windows, rowing the house down the stream, as passerbyers gaze at it and those in the house stare out the windows. There were many different places, all of them ranging in aesthetics. And very different people as well. I will say it seemed like there was structure and society in this world but none of it I really understood, no coherency I can put down. There was some drama going on while I explored this world, between different species of beings. A doll person talking to a night clown about the biases of the world against them for instance. The dolls meeting. Bear people going to classes. Squares and shapes with sentience. It was a child like expansive world, one of the likes I would see in fiction, or want to at least. However there were more serious scenes where these two friends were attempting to jump out of a window of a tall building, while stealing a dangerous statue, all with time ticking till those business men would come in and likely kill them. Pitch black night outside with distressing ugly office lighting inside. There also people being chased in general and threatened with death. Other than that it was mostly child like. There was an expansive university with many young adults of different species, and here’s another setting I loved. There’s a “lift” like a moving escalator and elevator that mechanically takes you through very floors of the building. Going down vertically, yet the walls would pale pretty colors and clouds and in dark areas neon shaped lights. I remember one lift going through a place with plants, overgrown and dangling from the floors. There was one classroom where it was huge and bright colorful with sunshine coming through the large windows, the ground and walls were that of paper covered, with art students drawing were they please and teachers readily available to take questions. There’d be parts where you’re floating through the wide areas of the building with bright colored wall and the sunshine pouring in while scientist and doctors stared up at you. The people were most of the time pretty kind and open and wanting to change. Doll people would have black hair, black eyes and draw on lips, and white porcelain glass skin. The bear people, one I met was a panda and wore a t shirt, and was kind of a nerd. The sentient shapes filled the art rooms. There was also felt puppets and such. There were many humans too, all very diverse. Sometimes cities would bland but there something nostalgic about going into the cabin and wood buildings, with trinkets hanging from the walls and ceilings as if the habitants were hoarding. This might ruin the immersiveness of this, but I will say Mario characters were there and I had a little adventure with them, though I was not myself, and seeing through the eyes of a different character. This happens a lot in dream cycles I remember. It’s also pretty common to have characters from childhood cartoons and video games that I loved showing up in my dreams. A really beautiful fantastical world, that I wish I could build on some more. I wish I could describe it better and I hope I remember it.