Conversation with family

Date: 6/2/2017

By Laysundra

My dream had me talking on the phone with my cousin. She was talking about how hard it was looking for rentals in Florida, I was telling her to look for housing like buying a house instead, or live with family if need be like I was, she asked about how my hubby was and I told her, then she had to go I was like mind the waves because I heard the waves in her phone call. My mom however was sitting by me gets a call from my aunt and she puts it on speaker phone just as I was hanging up my phone. My aunt then told mom that she was trying to get ahold of me and I responded that I had just got off the phone with my cousin. My aunt then went on about if I wanted a job and talking about the job but it was choppy and I didn't quite understand it all.. then I woke up... guess I was thinking about them for some subconscious reason...