Cool family, their dad was a knight riding a horse on skates

Date: 5/3/2017

By Purple

I was staying with cool a family for an extended amount of time. I started to tell them about a dream I had written down, and as I was reading it, my handwriting was embarrassingly bad and I couldn't decipher it. (DUH! That was a dream sign! Had I been aware, I could have been lucid. Drats! LOL!) I was nervous being the center of attention, and while the images were clear in my memory, I had a hard time expressing the imagery with my words. The mom and I must have had a conversation about our favorite books and she emailed me a photo of the book she was reading. I wanted to take a picture of a book they reminded me of, and started to take a photo of The Dark Tower, book 1 (by Stephen King). But there were still birthday candles and a happy birthday message on the book cover. I blew out the candles, thinking it's odd the candles were still lit. (Why wasn't I grateful about not having a house on fire?! LOL! I guess dreams defy logic.) I was taking the photo of the book on my bed, and moved other things out of the way. I had a large, paper-sized magnifying glass that I was using to take the photo with. The dream I was trying to read to the family was about the dad participating in a town replicating some sort of war. One side rode horses on skates and the other side rode horses on skateboards. While there were (fake) casualties, you could tell the men were enjoying their role-playing.