WW2 and LA

Date: 6/20/2017

By SHeesch26

I was part of a group re-enacting parts of WW2 but part way through the reenactment became real when nuclear weapons were going to be dropped on our location. Our commanding officer demanded we stay, unnecessarily sacrificing us for nothing. I began to leave the scene to find a vehicle and found a Jeep up the hill in a farm. As I'm putting through the yard in this crappy Jeep it breaks down and I stumble iut, falling into a pit where another Jeep sits on a lowered platform. Platform raises and I trudge through the mud to escape the scene. I flash into a sidewalk in LA where I'm immediately spotted by Andrew A. He talks me into going to a dispensary, which I only try to say no to because I know my memory will be iffy and I wanted to make it home. We walk in the dispensary into our own personal smoke room and chill.