Long time no see

Date: 4/11/2017

By JoshSenpai

I saw valentin at the train and coincidentally i saw him a the train station the next day again. We talked alot when we were there, we also talked about having a class reunion together. I mentioned how mich prince has changed and then there was this tiny obese woman shouting around and i told him that this was my dealer. She walked by and i greeted her she was with a few of her friends and one of them had a pizza boy ok his hand with cutten oranges in it. They had something green in it. I asked her what those oranges were and she said that these oranges were weed oranges they put the waste and rest of the old weed in the oranges. I ate only one because the guy went into the house after i took a piece. For some reason we followed them into the house and i was suddenly with my brother and nelson. We were waiting for the food and then a girl came up and jokingly said: how much do u guys want to pay? As if she was some kind of hoe, then i jokingly said im 12 € for you if u want and she rejected me then i said how about 6€ and a happy meal for both of us and she laughed and said no then i said: Señorita this aint about the money, this is about us! And she laughed and went back downstairs and said, at least i dont offer happy meals HAHAHA then we ate steak. Next scene i remember was at some kind of kung fu movie and i had to fight with a bambus pole just for training then the master attacked me with a long wooden stick and i had to block his attacks he was really quick and i was surprisingly good at it so we kept fighting for a while until he hit me with a critical hit and i went flying as if i was hit by a anime punch and crashed through a wall. Then i remember i wanted to come back to the master but this time i was ready to fight him. Then i woke up...