My mom turned into a monster

Date: 4/30/2017

By Dreamofy

Went to Gold Reef City with the family. There were quite a number of exhibitions​ going on. Went with my dad to one about sunken treasures. It was a short exhibition so we joined my mom and sister in the long queue for the next exhibition which was a guided tour around the mines which were supposedly haunted by a mad scientist. My mom disappeared and we didn't notice until the end of the tour. Decided to stop at a small restaurant for lunch and there were deep fried sandwiches on the menu. Tried looking for my mom again but it seemed like years had passed. The mad scientist was real and turned her into a horrific monster. He did something to my dad and we ended up running away from my mom. Found a bunch of letters from my dead grandfather which I opened one addressed to my dad and read part of it. There was a ring inside which I gave to my dad and tried to lure my mom out with into the open space. Bumped into a friend but she started acting creepy. She tried to warn me about something. My dad's plan worked and I ended running away from my mom​ and a bunch of velociraptors.