Digital art, A young girl, after a day at the church's VBS, finds herself in a chaotic dream where she navigates through a bustling kitchen, an unexpected encounter in a store's bathroom, and narrowly escapes being run over by her aunt's car.

Aunt tried to run me over

Date: 7/31/2017

By Hikertrash48

The dream started at the church I attend, It was the week of VBS apparently. I was helping with the skit and keeping track of kids. After we're done everyone's dismissed to go eat. I grabbed my bag and sat down to put on my boots. One of the adults sits down and starts sorting pills. I walk away from pill guy and go to get something to eat. When I get to the kitchen area I let whoever was cooking know I was there. I grab a cookie (or two) and sit down with a group of friends. I never got any food so I decided to go find the rest of my class. As I was walking one of the cooks asked if I ate anything. I told her no and walked away. I was then in a store with another friend and we're just looking at stuff. All of a sudden I decided I need to go to the bathroom. I give my friend my phone and iPod then take off. Instead of actually using a toilet I started taking a shower. Two guys keep poking there heads over the shower stall and holding another shower head over the stall. I eventually yell at them and throw the shower head at them knocking one out. I honestly don't know why I even went to the guys bathroom when I'm a girl 😹. I start walking across the parking lot when someone almost hits me with there car. They stop and it turns out to be my aunt. She ask if I was walking and when I tell her I was she just says good. I keep walking and find my friend's car , she hands me my stuff and the dream ends.

AI generated interpretation In this dream, there are several elements that can be analyzed and interpreted. Please keep in mind that dream analysis is subjective, and the meanings can vary depending on personal circumstances and experiences. Here are some possible interpretations: 1. Church and VBS: The dream starts in a church setting during the week of Vacation Bible School (VBS). This may symbolize your connection to spirituality, faith, or a desire to nurture your spiritual side. The VBS context suggests a focus on learning and helping others, as you are involved in the skit and responsible for keeping track of kids. This could reflect a sense of responsibility and care for others in your waking life. 2. Sorting Pills: The presence of an adult sorting pills may represent concerns about health, well-being, or the need to take care of yourself or others. It could also symbolize your relationship with authority figures or a sense of needing to manage or control certain aspects of your life. 3. Getting Food: In the dream, you initially go to the kitchen to get something to eat but end up not getting any food. This could indicate a hunger or desire for fulfillment, nourishment, or satisfaction in some area of your waking life that is currently unmet. It could also suggest feeling unnoticed or overlooked despite your efforts. 4. Bathroom and Shower: The bathroom and the act of taking a shower could represent a need for emotional cleansing or release. The presence of two guys peeking and causing disruption suggests a potential invasion of privacy or feeling vulnerable in a certain situation. Your reaction of yelling and throwing the shower head at them represents a more assertive response and may symbolize your ability to confront challenges or overcome obstacles. 5. Aunt Trying to Run You Over: The appearance of your aunt in a car and her attempt to run you over can be interpreted in a couple of ways. Firstly, it could reflect some unresolved issues or tension in your relationship with your aunt. Secondly, being almost hit by a car may symbolize feeling threatened or endangered. It could suggest a fear of being hurt or a need for protection. However, your aunt's response of asking if you were walking and then saying "good" may indicate that she is aware of your independence and supports you in your choices. 6. Finding Your Friend's Car: The dream ends with you finding your friend's car and being handed your belongings. This may represent finding comfort, security, or support from a trusted friend or companion during challenging times. It could also signify a resolution or completion of the dream's narrative, suggesting that you have successfully navigated through various situations and found stability. Overall, this dream seems to reflect elements of responsibility, desire for fulfillment, assertion, potential tension in relationships, and seeking support. It may be helpful to reflect on these themes and consider how they resonate with your current waking life experiences and emotions.