Shower, Meet, & Wrestle

Date: 9/20/2019

By UniqueStarque

I was in charge of a gathering but the area consisted of two huge showertubs in a building. There were a bunch of people there just talking, waiting for something to happen. So I decide to combine the two tubs, turn on the huge shower and play Christian party music. So I do. As soon as the music begins to play everyone is having fun and socializing. Once they're all set, I tell my helper that I need to go. So I leave her in charge and leave the house. As I'm walking I come to Antoinette and Matthew and an older pastor, along with Emily and Holly. Holly has to leave and so do Antoinette and Mathew... So that leaves the old pastor, Emily and myself. A small gathering. And I realize that we're meeting for a gathering, First Love like service. But I can tell before we begin, that the older pastor isn't going to be interesting, instead he'll feel like an instructor giving a lecture. So I feel the desire to be somewhere else. Next scene: I'm wrestling this guy. He cuts all of my hair off so I'm bald, (I think so nothing will catch it, but I'm not sure). And he holds me by the back of my head and is pushing me down. He's on my back. I manage to roll over so I'm on top of him, but I know he's too strong so I change tactics. I begin to kiss his stomach and his chest, in an attempt to seduce him into a calm. It works, and I keep kissing and pulling at his skin with my teeth. He's calm now. (Then my alarm goes off for me to have my morning Quiet Time.)