I destroyed his store

Date: 8/5/2017

By ItsLucidity

So I watch this politician all the time named Ben Shapiro and he's Jewish so in my dream for some reason I had to go to a Jewish store so I did. I walked in and everyone was speaking Hebrew and I didn't understand it so I walked out then walked right back in and then for some reason I had two friends that I don't know in real life and I could understand everything they were saying. Me and my new friends walked around and there we these ladybug and caterpillar foods and he was just obsessed with them he loved anything cute I guess. So I forget how but we went into the. Corner of the store and somehow destroyed the store I don't even know what we did because I stayed there a bit longer and the store was pretty in tact. The owner needed some random thing called an EME to keep us there and some other three letter thing to sue us but since he was taking a shower I know it's weird taking a shower in a store or even having one 😂 he wasn't there so I told the officer we didn't need either of those. But it's weird because as the store was being destroyed I was grabbing protein bars for some reason 😂 then I drove home in some random red truck. Ok now this next part is really triply because I just remembered something. Originally I thought it was two different dreams but I think they are connected now so after the truck drove away my dream switched to me playing tag with two random friends of mine we had these things on our shirts the glowed I guess. So my friend was chasing me and he dm chased me to the bottom of the driveway (my friend has a really long steep driveway like it's half a lap around a track long.) so he chased me to the bottom and we we got their guess what pulled up, that red truck. I think I said something that pissed him off so he got out with a shotgun and repeatedly shot my friend with probably three times. I was hiding behind his car for some reason and he pulled out a pistol and probably shot me 4-5 times in the head and for some reason none of them killed me but I just played dead, then he walked away in search of my other friend. I then proceeded to somehow push the bullets out of my head they were more like BB bullets but should still have been able to kill me. Once all the bullets were out my dream just ended.