Faked Death

Date: 4/6/2017

By ukukaylay

background info: my aunt Christy killed herself almost a year ago in her apartment, leaving behind her family which included two sisters, and her son. she was going through many problems involving money and drugs and a bad relationship. the dream: I'm not sure why I was going back to her old apartment but in my dream I was aware my aunt was dead. I somehow got inside the apartment and there was aunt was. alive, standing in the kitchen, no lights on, cooking over the stove. she seemed unaware that i was there, acted if she couldn't see me, though I knew she could. in her actual apartment there were two rooms but in my dream I think there was only one and she didn't stay in it. there was a small mattress in the corner next to the door and no other furnature. maybe a few blankets but no couch, tables, dressers, anything. it seemed as if she wasn't supposed to be there, the way she didn't turn on the lights or have much of anything. I'm not sure when I made the connection but I realized that she had faked her death. she had faked it to get out of her money situation, drug situation, and relationship situation. she had been living in her old apartment without the knowledge of the owners somehow. though not surprised, I instantly thought about her son, Drew, who needed to know she was still alive. but she wouldn't listen to me, wouldn't respond. she ignored me and just kept cooking and laying down on her mattress to read books (she loved books when she was still with us.) after some time I grabbed by mother, Christy's sister, and got her to come see. her response was close to mine, no surprise but worried for Christy's son. my mother told her she needed to see her son, he had to know she was alive and this time we got a response from my aunt but just a look in the eye, no speech. as if she had forgotten cause she hadn't spoken in so long. after my mother saw her we collected my step dad, and Christy's other sister, and somehow got Christy, outside the apartment. we couldn't get her son as he is in Tennessee living with his dad now. the dream ends with all of us outside, no one speaking but no one had told her son about his mom actually being alive. I didn't remember the dream when I first woke up but now it's all coming back to me at school.