Chased by a murderer

Date: 4/16/2019

By PandaPuff

I was at school even though I'm homeschooled now in real life, apparently I chose days I wanted to go. I was talking to friends in my class, blah this, blah that.. suddenly I was outside. I was following this guy into the woods and I have no idea who he was or why I was following him, but we heard these bangs and I grabbed onto his arm because I was scared and frantically asked,"Was that a gun? Let's leave!" He didn't respond, he merely grabbed my arm and ran with me as silently as he could deeper into the woods. I don't know why we couldn't just turn around. Soon we came upon this open hut. It's like he was searching for something. I hear a voice and turn around to see this obese pizza delivery looking guy with a knife. I'm freaking out of course and I'm pretty sure he killed the guy I was with. I grabbed his arm and forced it upwards to his neck, but it wouldn't cut and he started mocking me. He then lunged at me and I dashed out of the hut into the direction of the school. I ran inside a classroom. The teacher was smiling at me until an alarm went off and she started crying. Everyone pointed at the door and whisper-yelled for her to shut it quietly and lock it. Just as it was shutting, Amber pushed it before it could shut to get inside of the classroom. Everyone including me yelled angrily,"AMBER!!!" After that we saw a sword plunge through her chest. Everyone screamed and the dude marched over to me. I was preparing to fight, but it's like he didn't even want to. He wanted something from me? I can't remember what but once he got it he left. So now school was over and I kind of realized it was a dream so I lucid dreamed pointless shit. But then when I was outside I dropped my phone and somehow got taken away from where I dropped it. I was trying to look for my car when I spotted my cousin who doesn't even go to that school. I went up to her and she told me she'd help me find my phone. As we were walking, I noticed her car. With a clone of HER inside with some friends. I looked at her like this was normal and said,"Oh, she's probably picking up one of her friends that goes here." After she saw her parents car, I told her I'd find it on my own and she asked if I was sure. I said yeah and she got in saying they'd give me a ride but I denied it saying someone was already waiting to pick me up. Eventually, I found it and picked it up. The popsocket had fallen off so I hurried off to the school bathroom which was really strange. I noticed this guy eye me and kind of follow me, but he went into the men's bathroom. It was like a one room,dimly lit bathroom. I left the door cracked a bit just because I was just going to wet my popsocket and wait for it to dry so I could stick it back on. Then out of nowhere the door swings open and it's that guy. He entered the bathroom with me and all I could think was,'Oh my god, is he going to try to rape me? The fuck is going on?' He randomly started a conversation with me. I awkwardly replied and hurriedly left the bathroom, but he followed me. He then started hitting on me but I just ran away 😂 and back outside to look for my car. That's all I remember.