Zombie middle-life

Date: 4/27/2017

By Alechku

I'm a zombie in a lab, someone is bringing me to a crazy doctor that needs my blood. The doc connects me to a transfusion and I see my blood, it's orange with red bits in it, I taste it and it's super spicy and I spit it on the ground , "what are you doing?! You'll make the hospital overrun! Don't do that" scream the doctor fear. By the time the doctor finish the sentence the hospital did get overrun by zombies, out for my blood. My partner grabbed me and we managed to escape "don't worry " he says "I found the guru" and he led me to an old apartment building that looked like it was holding on by sheer faith. We're inside, walking,crawling and climbing until we finally find him, the guru, it's a floating head in a big pickle jar. "Do you remember how you became a zombie? " the guru asked "you died and you hesitated, you could have chosen your next life but you hesitated out of irrational fear and that's how you got stuck here" he explained " wait, I can choose!"