The 'New' Princess of the Night

Date: 6/13/2019

By Jade_Shadow13

It all started with secret agents. Apparently, they had a mission that night at the ball. But before that happened, there was this teenage boy who was the son of the general of the secret agents. I didn't catch his name, but I knew that he wanted to help. He was part of the previous mission, where there were soldiers trapped in an old cell. There was about five of them in total. It was sad, because he knew that there was no way they could live. There was an active bomb buried under the ground, probably under the the cell. There was no way to get in. There was a small window with bars, but there was no way anyone could fit through it. The soldiers were full grown adults after all. Thats the thing, the plan wasn't to save those unfortunate soldiers... it was to contain it. To contain the bomb that was about to explode. The radius of the explosion could kill everyone beyond the cell. That was why a new technological device was invented. The teen took it out of his pocket to reveal a cube. It wasn't perfect, it was more of a prodotype than a final product. They haven't even tested it. Who knows if it would work or not. And he hated to admit it, but he knows that he wasn't suppose to be there. Well, that much was obvious. But his dad, the general, planned on sending something in --a drone. To place the cube. 'But we don't have time to wait.' He told himself. That was right. The bomb would explode any minute. But let me tell you, NOBODY expected an incomplete invention that may or may not work. But once they got the news, they knew they had no choice but to use it, the general just didn't want to send his own son towards the danger. Who would want to? 'If I fail to do this, EVERYONE I know will die. Everyone including the soldiers. So what do I have to loose?' He took the initiative. He did his best to hear pass the screams and begs. He tossed the cube through the barred window. The device immediately attached itself on a soldier's wrist. The teen dropped to the ground as the cell exploded, the aftershock of the explosion swept through his brown hair. ... "Where is he? Where's my son?!" The general questioned his men, though they didn't respond. They looked through security, only to find his son in the safe base. The general sighed in relief. The teen felt bad for decieving his dad. After the explosion... He stood up slowly, finding the cell in pieces. It worked. He was still alive, though he felt that now wasn't the time to celebrate. Still, lives were lost. ... The dream then shifted. I was in the ball room in a golden gown, I somehow knew the teen boy was still alive. Even though I had a pretty gown, there was someone else who was out for the throne to be the princess. And she did get what she wanted, to be crowned as princess of the ball. I didn't know her name, but something was off about her. Actually, not just her. This other guy that I also don't know the name of, who looked to be around ten, with alot of fat. He had litteral baby fingers. And he never stopped eating... I just sat at the steps of the entrance --observing. It was mostly peaceful... until the end where everything went to hell. Someone started using unauthorized weapons. A person ended up vaporized. And two agents shrunk to the size of my finger. The ten-year-old then scouped up one of the agents and started to eat him. The 'princess' did the same, grabbing the other agent before chucking him in her mouth. Only the shrunken agent's torso was exposed. A girl beside me forced the jaws of the 'princess' open. She then took hold of the agent before passing him to me. Apparently, the 'princess' still wanted to chow down on that guy. She lunged at me. I cupped the agent between my fingers, and scooted to the side. She didn't get the agent or me, but she did got a mouth full of wood. I kicked her away with the agent still in my hands. I looked in, finding the agent clinging onto my finger. He was blonde, and he looked young for his age. Other than that, I had to hide him in my dress. But the princess decided to reach under my gown. And no, I didn't hide him there. Why would I? He was still on my lap, just covered by the fabric of my gown. I kicked the princess in the chest. Her loose strapless dress slipped down, exposing her breasts. Everyone gasped as she ran outside screaming. I heard a huge splash. I guess she forgot that there was a pool out there. I was then shown a video of the once pretty 'princess' to the not so pretty one outside. She tried to climb out over the gate, but the same girl who forced her jaw open, kept cutting the vines that the 'princess' could climb out with. Now that I got a good look at the girl who helped the poor agent, she had blonde hair with black roots --looking about twelve years old. I don't know her personally, but I somehow got the backstory of her. The blonde girl had a brother who was going to marry that 'princsss' who was still in the pool. She did not like her. I guess thats why she made her suffer in the pool... Anyway, the blonde girl who I still don't know the name of, had a sword ring. (Basically a ring that could turn into a sword and vice versa.) She managed to create one. And finally, for some reason, the people decided to crown me as the 'new princess'. And then there were gifts given and all that jazz. And that was when I woke up.