White owl appearing in mine and my brothers dreams

Date: 3/31/2017

By kirbz

when i was in primary school i had the most horrific dream that i was out the back undercover patio area and it was a late sunday arvo early/ evening in winter and for some reason something drove me to take a couple of steps out into the lawn and look directly above into the darkness. at first i was only looking at the night sky with a few stars then appearing on the top of the patio was a white owl with massive eyes, i didnt get time to think or move as it picked me up by my school top and flew up and away. my house was getting smaller and smaller. i could not scream nor make any sound. Then i woke up. this dream has happened 3 times in my life (no difference in how or who or even what i was wearing to the first time id had it) im petrified of owls yet think they are absolutely mesmerizing. the weirdest thing is my brother has had the exact same dream twice aswell. we never discussed this until roughly 2 years ago.