Animal Sanctuary

Date: 8/27/2019

By UniqueStarque

An animal sanctuary is being destroyed and all the penguins and birds and turtles are fleeing for their lives. But then I hear a little voice of a newly hatched turtle/penguin calling for help. I try to find it and it looks barely formed, so I scoop it up in a palm full of water to be gentle. She thanks me but then urgently tells me that her brothers and sisters who had not yet need born need to be saved. I find a little box with tinyer boxes in them that are the eggs, I know this because they look wet and soft. So I take the box and the baby turtle/penguin and I run from the animal sanctuary. I'm now at the store, realized it's going to be a long journey through the dessert to get them home. But I don't have much money to spend so I get ready to leave. I run into my parents who on going somewhere in the RV. They don't seem to realize the urgency of taking care of these creatures so I get upset and start walking in the direction need to go. But then they say they meant that they don't mind me riding along with them to where I need to take the delicate baby creatures. So I agree to ride with them.