Negative Attention

Date: 4/30/2017

By Fitful

I was living in New York City, but on an island off of the larger part of it. I lived in this communal place. I was often carrying around a large clock hand, the length of my forearm, and a glass teapot. I kept trying to sell these. I did sell them and they would come back to me. Someone near me would show up with them, or I ended up stealing them back. I don't know why. ~ There was also a ring. It was this expensive ring like the crown jewels important. It belonged to a magick organization like the masons, but not a church like the Catholic Church. It had come to me or I had found it and I knew what it was. I decided to wear it and just not wear it around a specific group of people who would know what it was. But i made a mistake and a guy I was around knew. He scrutinized it and even when I said it was fake he knew wit was real, he could read the diamonds, they were very large. I ended up giving it to him or he took it or I gave it away just so he would think I thought it fake. ~ I read some mail which came to our mail box, it turned out to be a roommates mail but I snooped anyway then left it for them to find. I couldn't read one letter, it was a legal document, and I asked a guy nearby to read it. He did and it was for me and it was an invitation. It came with a metrocard. I went and it was this elaborate thing where people lined up in rows and when the recruiter came around we all had to kneel and put our heads on the ground. The people in front of us were so close we could feel our head on their backside. My friends were chosen and they insisted us all go as a group. It turned out to be a membership for an amusement park, which you still had to pay for. It was a huge advertisement. We declined. ~ I was with a girl and we were in this really expensive shop. She had a large array of stuff on the counter. All of it jewelry and crystals and other small expensive things. The old woman was in the back with her for a while, trying to price something, she was taking a long time to tally everything. I thought the girl was very cruel to the shop lady to make her work so hard when she wasn't really going to buy anything, as she didn't have the money. She said she was going to charge it, her new PayPal business card came with an offered credit card. She was on the computer setting it up as we spoke which is why she was making the woman take so long. I actually congratulated her on her intelligence, saying the money she spent would be an incentive to actually start the business in order to pay it off. ~ I was back with the clock hand and the glass teapot. I was very tired of people and their gossiping, it seemed the least little thing I did the whole city was talking about it in a matter of hours and making up stories about me. A man got me so nervous with his scrutiny I lied to him about a few inconsequential things, I don't know why. After that he was suspicious and kept following me around. I finally decided to move out of the city, back to somewhere more rural. I figured I could be a writer anywhere and once I wrote a book and made myself famous then I would be back. ——— There was a little girl who was killed in a freak accident, the glass from a church window came down as a result of this elaborate domino effect and split her in two. Time rewound and it happened again. This time I watched as she barely traversed this domino effect, stepping on glass as it fell in the air, like some slow motion Kung fu movie. She lived but was a bit traumatized. The family of this little girl came and took her home, they were very worried. They were upset because she had to marry her brother, or the boy who had been raised as such, and they hadn't convinced her to yet. He was much younger than her, about 7 where as she was 10. They were all fair haired and looked related. The family sung a song to the boy about finding a broken girl and fixing her and marrying her and used a doll as the girl in the dance until the very end when they replaced the doll with the little girl. They had to do this, convince them to marry, because the king was coming to take the parents away and they were worried their children would be all alone. ——— A man was getting ready to molest some children, two girls and a boy. I was one of those girls and he decided to molested me with a small potted plant. He pushed the pot part into me but it was too big and didn't go very far. I woke up because it felt so real.