my house\not my house

Date: 5/28/2017

By lobstergirl227

PART1 It's my house, but it's not. It is a two part dream, first I am in my mom's apartment, but when you go into the second bathroom there is a door way to a tower like attic. I usually find attics creepy yet I don't have any real fears, except for my usual paranoia. Like most attics it has cluttered objects, even along the stair case walls. Pretty anti climatic, just a strange sense of comfort in the sense that it is familiar in my dreams.🌌PART2 I am in my dad's house near the sliding glass door, but it's as if my house appeared as if it would in a mirror. I have a passion for insects and they interest me in real life, and in my dream there are various butterflies and moths. Where I would usually be in awe I had a sense of paranoia, I don't know why I just felt uncomfortable. Nothing really happened after it was just weird feelings in both dreams.