House in an acorn

Date: 8/4/2019

By starsandneurons

It was actually a lucid dream. Or sleep paralysis. I was laying in bed and someone handed me something in my right hand. And I tried to look at it and couldn’t move my head or open my eyes properly to see what I had been handed. I struggled for a minute, then realized I was dreaming. I decided to relax a bit and let the dream happen to me. After that I could see that in my hand I was holding a large acorn. And I started taking it apart like Russian dolls. Each piece was another acorn, though with different shapes. And as I opened them, rather than becoming smaller, they maintained the same shape. Until finally I opened the last one and it was no longer an acorn, but a tiny carved cabin. I turned it around in my hand and the other side showed the cabin open without walls, just like a doll house. The door to the cabin swung open, and I thought someone was coming inside, but it turned out to be the wind. And the door broke off a hinge and hung by the other. And I realized the cabin was ancient and filled with dust and cobwebs. I looked at the upstairs and noticed spiders on the walls, but when I noticed them, they melted and seeped down the walls. Then I realized I couldn’t see my other hand. I was blind to what was in front of me; not blind exactly, just the things I wanted to focus on were invisible. I tried to look at my hands and they disappeared. Only if I wasn’t paying attention to them would they appear again. Then I woke up.