FIRST Real Lucid Dream! [8/8/19]

Date: 8/8/2019

By BlueMoon

Today I had my first real lucid dream! It was rather short, but it was still what I would consider a full dream! I was walking down a hallway in a sort of beach house, or perhaps a hotel of sorts. Basically, it was a mansion on the beach and lots of people I “knew” were staying there and doing stuff together. Suddenly, I was walking and realized, “I’m dreaming!” Instantly the dream started fading, because that’s what always happens when I become lucid. So I quickly rubbed my hands together, studied them and spun around. To my delight, it worked! And my goodness, let me tell you, lucid dreams are... exactly what I hoped for, but not what I expected. I thought people were exaggerating the realism, but in my case, it was all so perfect. I remember waving my arms and being shocked because it felt so natural, like I was moving real limbs. I mean, I may have had eight fingers (eight!) but... they looked realistic! So anyways, I wanted to try and tell my Dad (who was there too) that we were dreaming, but there were people nearby. I guess my dreamself, even my lucid one, cares about societal norms. So instead, I raced outside and instantly began using fire and lightning powers. I was determined, and I told myself, “I KNOW I can do this. Really, I control everything!” But the fire was still weak. I was frustrated. Whenever I’m in dreams, abilities like that don’t really work. But I wanted it to, very badly. I still got flames, but they were pale and weak. At this point, my lucidity started to fade. Not the dream, but the lucidity itself. I’ve never read of this happening elsewhere, but I’m sure it has... let me know if it’s happened to you. Anyways, my grasp on the dream fell away a little and I returned to following the dream’s plot. A fight between me and this other guy, the fact that I may have had a crush on a demon boy... just other dream stuff. I do remember at one point remarking on the gorgeous details and lighting in the world. ——— Thoughts: For the time I held it, lucidity was AMAZING! It was super cool, and super realistic too. I need to try flying. I really hope I can have another lucid dream soon.