Ants, Stolen Space Balloon Parts, Wrestling an Alligator

Date: 5/28/2017

By seascarlet

I was in the kitchen of my childhood home. My family had an ant problem, and figured out they'd made an ant hill in a big bag of sugar. For some reason we wanted to keep the sugar and just get the ants out of it, so we dropped some combination of ingredients in there that were edible for us but poisonous to the ants. After we dropped it in there the ants started pouring out too fast for me to do anything about it. I was trying to kill them as they came out so they wouldn't have to suffer, and to just keep them under control, but there were too many of them. It was kinda disturbing. 2: I was communally sleeping with a bunch of people in a school. We were on some sort of important mission, possibly involving the things we kept seeing in the sky outside the huge windows on the wall. I saw what looked like a classic flying saucer, then more of them. Then we started seeing what looked like projections on a nearby mountain of crazy space stuff mixed with anime. I realized I had some important cardboard plans for a weather balloon capable of going into space that could help us on our mission. They had been in forgotten pockets of my backpack for ages. The plans were used to make the balloon, then only had to be glued to the sides of it because they themselves had code printed on them that could interact with it. Someone down the hall stole a couple of pieces from me though, through telekinesis. It was sucked out of my hands and disappeared down the hallway. I went ravaging through everyone's things trying to find it. 3: I was part of a group of people staying in some sort of shelter or orphanage. There wasn't enough food there and every time we had to stay there we starved for a while. It wasn't the owners faults though, they were starving too. A woman let me have a bag of food, but I returned it for the others to have because I don't eat much anyway and didn't feel like I was starving enough yet. It then occurred to me though that I might be one of the first to starve if we did because I'm kinda thin to begin with. Then we were on some sort of mission. At first it involved following someone's dead beat dad and finding him with a hooker. Then it was more epic and we had to get to some woods for safety and cross a river at night to do it. I dove in enthusiastically with my clothes on next to a girl who was impressed by it and laughing. We both swam to the other side, but not before I got attacked by a small alligator. I grabbed it by both of its jaws and was flipping it back and forth, end over end. The girl was still laughing. I made it out and felt sort of invincible.