Therapy for the Dead

Date: 5/4/2017

By Fitful

I woke in the middle of the night after suffocating in this dream. It was so hot and I couldn't breath, and I kept coughing. Even though it's not that hot in my room, in fact the temperature seems normal now, even a bit chilled. I was dreaming about being in a game, an alternative life rpg type game - full immersion. I was having a hard time, it seemed that I nearly spend more money than I made. I'm fact my immediate supervisor was aware and the fees which were due were always reduced to the least they could be. $20 was difficult to manage, and this one bill could have been any number up from that, into the $2000 range or even higher, the person to whom the bill was due chose the actual number of the bill due. They guy knew me and how hard I worked, and let it be cheap. I actually had to say I couldn't even pay the $20 just then as I didn't have it. The guy was okay with that. He had some sympathy at least, but I felt so guilty for not being able to pay my dues. I thought it would be nice if there was a cheat to get more money, or infinite resources. I was fond of cheats, it would be so easy, just a hack code. ------ I was with a girl, this girl who was on the phone maybe. I was peering at her journal, she had been making a game. It was a simple one, but the design was all set up to be made. It was all layed out in her journal on pieces of paper hand written. At first though, I had been playing it on a dinky console and it seems an almost retro arcade type game. It had a relationship lvl in red and a light level. I asked what the light level was, once she got off the phone, and she said it was where you had to be in sneak mode so one one else could see you. I had almost spilled it when I stumbled upon her journal, and I was restacking the little pieces of paper plans. I got the title backwards when I put it back. I also was naked all the while, which was embarrassing for me. My clothes fell off and kept falling off the whole time, while I was restacking. I warned her they were off and we both felt it was an awkward thing. When I was awake I went to pee noticing it was very early. I had only been asleep a few hours, it was 3am. When I laid back down my entire body was buzzing, like lit with this warm vibration covering every inch. It faded the more I recalled this dream in words and decided to write it down. Words turn this thing into almost a tragedy.