Theives Breaking In

Date: 8/22/2017

By nicolesal

This has been my reoccurring dream for years but since working with it I haven't had it for a long time. This time people (men) broke in and i came home and chased them off. Then I was complaining to the landlord and showing them how all the windows didn't shut properly. I felt very insecure and vulnerable but it seemed that boring could be done and low went on. Then I was broken into again, walked in on two women going through my stuff. When i confronted them they pulled a gun and I realised I could die and accepted it. She shot me in the leg and I was surprised that it didn't hurt. They left with something emotionally precious of mine and I was trying to tell someone about it and that I'd been shot in the leg but I realised that it really didn't matter and that life went on.