You Name It

Date: 3/27/2017

By guido38

So it started out with me and my homeboy from ny . We were at these apartments down the street . We sold this guy an electric powered scooter or bike couldn't tell which because we were in and out really fast . Guess it might of been stolen . Somebody was pulled over down the way on the little complexes street with two cops just chilling with someone pulled over so all we did was take the guys money and told him give us a call if there's any problems . I remember walking back to the car it was a GMC Acadia I told homeboy I would drive then opened the door and looked at the view id have as if I didn't like trucks ( which are actually fine with me ) and told him never mind you drive . Then my dad and I were in a bunker ( he served in Vietnam ) in the fucking desert . God only knows which one . Wasn't much talking going on but after a little bit of looking at surroundings the coast was clear . I remember walking around and looked at one of the others soldiers guns and I remember saying look dad his rifle has a retractable stock like mine . Then I was in a parking lot at a place that looked like an upscale library or restaurant . It was windy and the cigarette fell from behind my ear . So I just watched the wind blow it in a circle it and it literally made its way back to me . The end