First Love

Date: 4/29/2017


I know this is stupid. This is a dream, but also isn't a dream. This is the first time that I have fallen in love. I met a guy earlier this year. We met at a party. We talked and I realized that we had many things in common. He made me feel that I was missing out on life, and that I have been living a lie. He doesn't give a shit about money and isn't materialistic at all. He talked about his dreams and the reality in a way that made me want to listen to him for hours and hours. I got his number and for a month we spoke everyday. I just felt so open with him and felt that he wouldn't judge my questions, lifestyle and opinions. He respected me and we talked about our late night thoughts. He was busy learning Japanese. He made me discover Mr. Robot and Anime. For that I will be forever gratefull. I could talk about music with him for hours. "The Smiths, Red House Painters, The Cure". He did not know that I had a boyfriend, and I had to eventually tell him. He was upset and kept blaming himself. We talked for another month until he met someone else. We haven't talked since then. Who knows, maybe I would meet him in the future on a beach in Japan and we would translate Jappanese to English and English to Jappanese. Maybe I would find a word in the dictionary for the way that I am feeling. Fate made us meet each other. Fate made me fall in love for the first time in my life. Love hurts, because I still think about him everyday. I guess you never forget your first love?