Date: 3/29/2017

By cathyyy

in my dream, i woke up with a guy sleeping beside me on the left side of my bed. he was wearing only jersey shorts and was shirtless. i have always admired this guy's height and body figure. and i admit his body was the one that got me attracted to him. lol. i didn't look up to see his face, i was too busy admiring his body. it was like i knew this body too well that i did not need to look up to see who it was. anyway, when i saw him still sleeping, i moved over beside him and squished my face under his shoulder. he knows i like squishing myself to him. he woke up and placed his left arm on my back, he was supposedly hugging me. i placed my right hand on his bare body (on top of his slightly formed abs to be specific, lol) to tell him i was hugging him too. he continued to sleep while i continued staring at his body with my arm around it. then, .. my eyes quickly opened itself. i was staring into a blank space on the left side of the bed. it was like .. life .. slapping me in the face .. shouting at me .. "NOPE. AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN." i looked at the clock. 9am. i covered myself with my blanket. i'm awake.