Anxiety brought on by mysterious car trying to run my dog and I over

Date: 4/10/2017

By SoCheezy

The dream began in my grandmothers neighborhood, anybody who knows my grandmother know she doesn't live on the best side of town. There are always your occasional shady people who are looking for trouble. I've gotten used to this over years. So this dream was not that unusual, but what I remember was talking on my cellphone, it was a rather cheerful conversation because I was smiling and laughing. I remember my grandfathers blue F250 parked in front of the house, but next to it was a little gray car. Like a gray trans am or a Delorean the car from "Back to the Future" anyways. This car was being driven by a man with dark sunglasses, and he was trying to run me over. I have a German Shepherd named Charlie, and Charlie was running so fast trying to avoid the car as well, I watched this car go back and forth trying to run us down, I was able to move out of the way, but I feared Charlie would get tired and just give up. I kept calling him to move in another direction and he never cooperated. I eventually woke up, and went to hug poor charlie.